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When you have a puppy in the house, you are going to need training pads. Puppies just aren’t housetrained easily and they cannot hold their urine like adult dogs can.

But where do you get the best training pads at the lowest price so that housebreaking your pup doesn’t break the bank? I wondered the same thing until I found the All Absorb Training Pads.

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All Absorb Training Pads

All Absorb training pads were the result of a company that realized that people were paying much too high of prices for puppy training pads and resolved to solve that problem. That’s why you can now pick up a pack of 100 of these for about the price of a restaurant meal for two.

That’s what this product is all about. You get a quality product and extremely good value for your money. But you also get some pretty great features:

  • The surface dries quickly so your dog doesn’t track urine throughout the house
  • Urine is turned immediately into gel and the pad can hold up to three cups
  • ​Your dog will know to go to it because it has a built in scent attraction
  • It also has a built in odor neutralizer

My Results

My results with this product were simply amazing. All I had to do was set them down and my puppy knew how to use them. Now of course, I was trying to potty train so I took him outside when I could, but when I was busy, I put him inside a little play area with food and water and a puppy pad. I never once had to clean up a mess in there and it was so easy just to throw the pad away.

All-Absorb Training Pad Design

Other People’s Results

Tweemz on Amazon rated this product five stars and posted this:

I have an older dog who is bed bound due to degenerative myelopathy and these are great for keeping her and her bed clean.....have to change them a lot, but they're worth it.


That’s what is so great about these pads. The package contains a hundred of them so even if you have to change them several times a day you are literally spending only pennies.

Buying Advice

The only buying advice that I would give you with this product is to make sure that you stick to the 100 pack. For some reason, even though it seems counterintuitive, when you buy in bulk you actually spend more per pad. Stick with the smaller one. It is going to last you for a while anyway.

All-Absorb Training Pads Pads

Also, one more thing; if you are going to be using these all the time, you can sign up for a subscription of them and you will be able to save some money that way.

My Recommendation

I think these are some of the best pads on the market and I would recommend them to any pet parent who is trying to potty train a new puppy. I know you will like them.

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