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There are a lot of pet training products out on the market. There are dog collars that offer electric shock, vibration or beeping to get your dog’s attention, and then there are homemade methods like filling up a bottle with water.

But what if you just want a really simple pet corrective tool that is totally pain-free and harmless?

The Company of Animals Pet Corrector Packages

The Pet Corrector

I found this product through a random internet search and I was pretty impressed by the reviews that people were leaving for it. I decided to try it out because I had almost mistaken a bottle of bleach that I use for cleaning for my dog’s “corrective” water bottle. That would have been bad.

I just wanted something simple and inexpensive that wouldn’t hurt my dog and that’s exactly what the pet corrector does. It lets out a short burst of compressed air that is enough to get your dog’s attention and make him realize that behavior is not right, but causes no pain whatsoever.

My Results

My experience with this product has simply been amazing. As soon as it arrived I started using it on my dog. I was trying to teach him not to jump up on the windows because he would pull the curtains down and I was afraid he would break the glass. He also got on the furniture even though he wasn’t supposed to.

Using The Company of Animals Pet Corrector on a Dog

But I started using the corrector and saw instant results. The first time, he simply looked at me and went ahead and jumped on the couch anyway. I led him down and tried it again, and this time, he actually the message. It’s been better ever since.

Other People’s Results

Elena Clark was just as happy as I was with this product and she had the same sort of issue. Here is what she had to say (along with a five star rating):

We had a German Shepherd that we just rescued from a life on a chain. She constantly jumped on us and we couldn't get her to stop. So I ordered these and after maybe 2 times, she sees the can now and will NOT jump on us nor coming running so fast at us. I highly recommend it for others to help break bad habits.

Elena Clark

I love this review because it shows just how powerful the product is. After two times, just like with my couch jumping dog, the problem was solved.

Buying Advice

The only buying advice that I would give you with this product is to let you know that they sell these in bulk and you may need more than one. You might want to get a pack of three or even nine. You don’t save a lot of money but you do save some.

The Company of Animals Pet Corrector

My Recommendation

Obviously, I highly recommend that you get this product. This is one of the simplest dog training tools I have ever used, but it is also the most effective.

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