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Dog Licking Its Face

Because I foster dogs all of the time, I have seen just about everything. I once had a dog for six weeks who chewed up my shoes – except invariably, she would only go after the left one; never the right one. But the most frustrating incident of my time as a pet foster parent was a 9 month old German shepherd who ate his own poop.

If you have had this problem with a dog you know what I mean. I would have to watch him every second when he went outside because I didn’t want to see him eating it, and I definitely didn’t want my children at risk for salmonella and other diseases.

Dog Sniffing Poop on a Grass Field

Feces carry many different diseases and it’s not just conceivable – but actually probable – that he’ll carry those diseases inside the house and lick a kid’s face, and just like that I’ve got a major medical crisis on my hands. I used to fear this so much that I thought about taking him back to the shelter.

But I found a solution and you can too. The Eliminate Potty Mouth program is the only surefire way that I’ve ever countered to make your dog stop eating poop.

The Eliminate Potty Mouth Program

This program was created by a mother who had a friend come over to hang out and was embarrassed because her dog ate his own poop. It was created for those people who have tried everything else and are at the end of their ropes.

Here’s the thing that you might not have known. Your dog is may actually be trying to do you a favor by eating his feces. That’s how dogs clean up their den when they are pregnant and sometimes dogs will get confused (even male dogs) and try to clean it up anyway.

So, when you punish your dog for eating poop, he doesn’t know why he’s being punished. Some owners even use shock collars to get their dog to stop. But that’s not the way to eliminate this problem. You have to go to the source and you need to follow this step-by-step guide.

Small Dog Licking Its Face

The den cleaning isn’t the only reason that dogs do this. That’s why I said you have to go to the source. You have to solve the problem and the only way that I could do it was with this amazing program (which I just found out in now on sale – wish it had been when I bought it!)

Here are the features of the Eliminate Potty Mouth program:

  • Learn if your dog is exhibiting this behavior because of poor gut health and if so, how to fix it
  • Information on whether or not you should use food additives
  • ​How you can use natural foods to help solve your dog’s problem
  • ​The three ingredients in dog food that can contribute to this issue
  • Everything you need to stop your dog from eating poop forever

My Results

As you might have already gleaned from this review, I am very pleased with this product. I was able to stop that behavior once and for all and all it took was having the right information. Now, whenever I get a foster dog that exhibits this behavior I know what to do to solve it in just a few days.

Puppy with a Guilty Look at the Camera

In addition, I have become an expert to a couple of my friends who were having the same problem. I was able to use the information in the book to fix it for them and they were amazed at how knowledgeable I had become about dogs.

Other People’s Results

I’m not the only person who has had amazing results with this product. There are tons of reviews and testimonials all over the web as to the effectiveness of this product. You don’t just have to take my word for it. Take a look.

Alison Rumney from the U.K. used the program on her dog Mouse. She had this to say about it:

I had an on going problem since getting Mouse at 18 weeks old with her eating her own faeces. After following Vernon's programme I soon began to notice some improvements. Now over 5 months on she has stopped completely, she will sometimes sniff it but that's all. Thanks very much Vernon great advice.

Alison Rumney
young puppy border collie lying in a park in summer with an ashamed look

This is something that I have noticed myself in my dog and that I have seen other people talk about that have used this program. The dog will sniff at the feces but will no longer try to eat it. This is a result of getting to the source of the problem and solving it forever.

Buying Advice

The best buying advice that I can give you is to get and get this product right now instead of waiting until later. Sure, you could just pay a little more after you have had time to think about it, but there is no reason not to save money now.

Remember, you have a full 60 days to decide whether or not you want to keep the program. What that means is that if you wait and get it later and decide to keep it, you will pay more after it goes off sale. But if you get it now and decide later you don’t want it, you lose no money.

There is no reason not to get this product now. You will have instantly delivered to you and you’ll be learning new things about your dog and how to solve your problem in no time.

Close-up of a Golden Retriever puppy sticking its tongue out

My Recommendation

I recommend that you buy this. It is as simple as that. If it worked for me and it worked for countless other people since it was crated, it is certainly going to work for you. With over 25,000 happy customers, this program has shaped pet owner’s lives and in some cases, saved dogs.

If you are frustrated with your dog eating poop you have nothing to lose by trying out these techniques. If it stops, then you’ll be glad you didn’t miss the opportunity.

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