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I foster animals all of the time and one of the most frustrating things for me used to be when I got a dog that wasn’t potty trained. He would go inside and I wouldn’t realize it until later and I spent hours and hours scrubbing the carpet to get the urine smell out.

I know how frustrating it must be for you if you have a dog that just won’t learn how to potty outside. You’ve probably tried all sorts of training techniques that you found online or in a book at the library and nothing worked. At least, that’s what happened to me.

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But I was able to find a solution and I’ll always be thankful that I did, because since then I have had no problem teaching my foster dogs where to potty – and I can do it within a couple of days.

The Housetrain Any Dog Program

This housetraining program was created by a group of dog experts who spent time figuring out just what the psychology of house training was and they could use science to get dogs to start pottying outside.

For example, they figured out that if the dog did any one of a few specific behaviors, it meant that you needing to change your training technique. For example, if your dog urinates in hard to find places, if you have to use potty training pads and your dog is not a pup or if your dog goes outside and still urinates indoors. These are all signs of the wrong training technique.

Potty training can be so frustrating and you hate to leave your dog alone at home because you know he’s going to go inside. But with this step-by-step guide you never have to worry about him doing it again. Adult dogs can hold their urine for eight hours. Puppies are a little different but whichever one you have, no matter what breed, this program will work.

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The great thing about this guide is that you can either print it out to read or you can read it on many electric devices – your Smartphone or tablet computer including.

The program is as easy as following the step-by-step guide and it is intended to housetrain your puppy in seven days or less.

Here are the features of this amazing program:

  • Easy instructions included in a step-by-step guide
  • 60 day money back guarantee – no questions asked
  • ​Leave your dog at home from now on without worrying about him going inside
  • ​Never buy puppy pads or training supplies again
  • Never have to pay for professional cleaning or replace a rug due to potty training

My Results

Some people decide to get a trainer, which often costs hundreds of dollars. I couldn’t afford that, which is why I was so glad when a friend sent me a link for the Housetrain any Dog Program. I was so frustrated that I was willing to give it a try, not really expecting results, and to my surprise, I was able to housetrain my puppy in six days – this was after six weeks attempting to housetrain him!

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I couldn’t believe the results I got from this product. I was so pleased when I finally was able to housetrain my pup that I got ahold of all of my friends and recommended this product. I couldn’t believe how effective it was.

Other People’s Results

Melissa Oatis was just as pleased with the results of her program as I was with mine, so you don’t just have to take my word for how good it is.

We just wanted to thank you for your potty training guide. I had tried to potty train Sam several times in the past but whenever I thought we were making progress, he would prove me wrong! It wasn't until I got your guide that I realized how many things I was doing incorrectly. I just wanted to send a thank you because finally, Sam has stopped his pottying.

Melissa Oatis

I love this review because it shows just how this program works. Most people that are potty training their dog have no idea that they are making the errors that are causing the problem. It isn’t the dog; it is the way that they are potty training.

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I had no idea that was the case with me. I knew that I was having problems potty training, but I thought that it was just a particularly difficult dog. It turns out that I was the one who was causing him not to learn.

Buying Advice

The only buying advice that I would give you is to get some training equipment before you begin. The program does work without any training equipment, but you may get better results if you are using the right equipment.

But don’t worry; it’s nothing complicated or expensive. You should probably get some puppy pads that are absorbent that you can put inside a play area for your puppy. You can find these pads online and for very reasonable prices.

You should also get some treats. Treats will help you potty train your dog because you can reward him with something delicious when he goes where he is supposed to. In addition, you should have a play area set up and that means some toddler fences if you don’t already have them.

House Train Any Dog Tips

Other than that, the only thing I will mention is the 60 days money back guarantee. There is no reason not to get this product because you have two full months to use it and still get your money back. That’s plenty of time to see if the program works and if it is as effective as I have said (as well as the others who posted reviews).

My Recommendation

I recommend that you get this product right away if you want to make potty training simple and easy. Don’t waste another dollar or more time cleaning up after your dog. Your puppy can be potty trained in seven days or less.

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