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You’re frustrated with your dog. You’ve been trying to correct bad behaviors or teach good ones for weeks now, maybe even months, and you have gotten exactly nowhere. You have watched videos on YouTube, checked out advice on dog training forums, but so far nothing has worked and you are at the end of your rope.

I’ve been there, trust me. I had a dog that was so hard to train that even a fifteen minute session would leave me exhausted and angry for the rest of the day. I didn’t know what to do. He was a rescue and I couldn’t send him back to the shelter, but I also couldn’t keep him if he was going to behave like that.

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Luckily, I was able to find a solution to my problem and even the most unmanageable dog (like the one I used to have) can be taught using the methods that I learned. I want to introduce you to the online course that saved me – The Perfect Pooch.

The Perfect Pooch

I didn’t know what to do and a friend of mine suggested Dog Training Online and I checked out DTO’s signature course, The Perfect Pooch. The program consists of video, audio and reading materials that teach you a whole new way to train.

What really got me was that the principles and training methods used in this program were based upon lots of scientific research into animal behavior. That’s one of the problems that I’ve found with training programs online. The trainer found something that worked for them and then tried to teach everyone else the techniques they had used.

But every dog is different and just because a trainer was able to break through with a particular method doesn’t mean that it will work for every dog – that is, unless it is based on actual science.

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The Perfect Pooch and all of the bonus materials that you get with this program were created by animal behaviorist Dana Gallager CPDT. The foundation of this program in real science is what makes it so amazing and why I was able to use it effectively when no other training method would work.

What You Get with the Ultimate Package:

  • The Perfect Pooch Online Course - Dana’s scientific-based training program to teach you everything you need to know to train your dog in minutes a day
  • Bonus 7 secrets to change any behavior
  • ​Bonus information on the proper nutrition for your dog
  • ​How to deal with separation anxiety
  • ​The correct body handling for dogs (hint: they don’t like hugs)
  • ​Access to the member’s area to ask questions
  • ​A email direct to Dana where she will answer your questions whenever they arise

My Results

I had amazing results with Dana’s training videos. The way that she presents the material is terrific and makes it easy to teach the dog whatever behavior the video focuses on. The way that she taught gave me the confidence to know that I could teach my problem dog the same way.

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I really think that I owe a great deal of the knowledge and expertise that I have now to Dana and her program. My training sessions have gotten shorter but the behaviors are learned more quickly and I think I am a better trainer because of this program.

The bottom line is, the program simply works. When I used these techniques on the dog that I was having a problem with, it was like I was dealing with a totally different canine. I was very pleased and am still pleased today.

Other People’s Results

Robert from Tempe, AZ was very pleased with the course just like I was. He had this to say about it:

This is to tell everyone interested in the "Perfect Pooch System" what a great product it is. I have been using it for 3 weeks now and it has changed my 5 year Labrador to the point where I don't even recognize him anymore. He went from being wild - jumping on guests and furniture - to calm and obedient. Literally he is the perfect pooch now! I recommend for everyone to try the course, I know you will love the results.

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I chose Robert’s testimonial to focus on because the behaviors that he is talking about are the same ones that I have been having a problem with. My dog was behaving badly, even worse than his dog I think, and the training program showed me how to solve those in about three 5-minute training sessions.

One thing that I would recommend that you do is make sure to read Dana’s blog as well as watch the videos. You’ll get some updated and more effective techniques as she discovers them. I have found several useful tidbits in the blog section.

Buying Advice

This program will work. I guarantee it. But the thing is – you don’t have to take my word for it because Dana only wants you to have to pay for the program if it really works for you. That’s why she offers a 60 day money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the program after using it for 60 days, she will refund your money happily.

In my opinion, that makes this product a no-brainer. First of all, it’s pretty amazing that you get all of that extra stuff with the training program. That’s not something you see every day and it comes out to be hundreds of dollars in value.

The Perfect Pooch Train at Home System

My Recommendation

It’s very simple. This training program works better than any other program I’ve ever used. I no longer worry that a problem dog is going to come along and I not be able to train him or her. I foster dogs all of the time and the training program works over and over.

Dana’s techniques are solid, her videos are clear and easy to follow and her information is based upon years of scientific research on animal behavior. Buy it now.

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