5 Reasons To Get A Dog Training Clicker

Training a Puppy with a Clicker in a Park

People have been using vocal commands to train dogs for thousands of years. By comparison, the clicker or dog training is a relatively new training tool that was invented to give trainers a new sound to focus the dog’s attention on.

The dog clicker is just like the dog whistle or the right vocal command – it gets your dog’s attention and lets them know that you are in “training mode.” This usually means treats or praise, so they will perk up when they hear the sound of the clicker.

Training a Dog with a Blue Clicker

Expert dog trainer Terry Lynn Cuyler, APDT, CPDT-KA, who runs the “All Things Dog Blog,” says that a clicker can be so valuable to trainers because it always sounds the same, no matter what the trainer is feeling. Training a dog with a clicker can be easier and more effective than with many other methods.

But knowing why you should get one and knowing where to buy a clicker for dog training are two different things. I am a huge advocate of the clicker training method and that’s why these advantages are so important; but just as important is finding the best clicker for dog training. That’s why I have made some recommendations on the best dog clicker to buy as well.

Dog Training Clicker Features

When you are shopping for training clickers, one of the things that you will be looking for are the features. Although the dog training clicker is relatively simple, there are still lots of features that go with it.

Bestselling dog training author Karen Pryor, whose book is on my recommended reading list, says that you should try to catch your dog in the act of doing something you like and click, then treat of course. That means that you'll need a clicker that is easy to carry around with you, such as in a pocket or attached to your key ring.

Another great feature that you might find useful is a clicker that actually allows you to store your dog treats inside of it, so you have both the clicker and the treats with you at all times. There are a few of these out there.

You also want something that is easy to push, but not easy to push accidentally. You really have to walk a fine line because you don’t want your clicker to go off when it is in your pocket or attached to your keychain unless you press it. When your dog consistently hears the clicker at the wrong time it will negate much of your training.

Training Labrador with a Red Clicker

You also don’t want something that is going to be difficult to press and gives you problems getting stuck or getting harder to push over time.

5 Reasons To Get A Dog Clicker

  • They are humane: When you compare dog clickers to some of the other training tools, they are very humane. They are particularly superior to dog collars that squeeze or bite into the neck to correct behavior. These may have their place, but for normal dog training a clicker is one of the best tools and it causes your dog no pain whatsoever.
  • They are effective for teaching new behaviors: One of the best ways to teach new behaviors is to use a dog clicker. The reason for this is simple: when your dog hears that particular sound he or she knows that there will be something expected of them and will be prepared to perform that action – because they know a treat is coming after.
  • They are inexpensive: Dog clickers are one of the most inexpensive training tools that you can get. For just a few dollars you can have a clicker that will last you for many months or years.
  • They have a unique sound: Clickers also have a unique sound that you won’t normally hear while you are out walking your dog. This is important because if your dog hears the training cue when training isn’t actually happening, he or she will get confused and much of your training will be negated.
  • They are more effective at reinforcing behaviors: Not only are dog clicker devices better at teaching new behaviors, they have been shown in studies to teach new behaviors better than some of the other training methods out there. Overall, a sharp market sound like a clicker will be a major benefit to any training session.
Training a Puppy in a Park with a Blue Clicker

My Recommendations

So, dog clickers are one of the most effective training tools out there and you should definitely incorporate them into your training sessions. You should also look at the features that your dog clicker has and understand the reasons why they are so effective and so many people use them for dog training.

Of course, you also want to make sure that you get the best dog clicker out there so I have listed three here that I think you will like:

The first dog clicker that I am going to recommend is one that has seven clickers in various colors included. You are probably going to lose your clicker at some point, so a bundle is handy. Plus, you can always have one with you if you scatter them around the areas that you normally go like your home, office or car.

Holding a Red Attmu Dog Training Clicker

The second clicker is a pack as well. It is a training course that comes with everything you need to get started at clicker training. The reason that I really love this product is that it was created by Karen Pryor, a dog training author and one of the preeminent experts in the field.

Finally, this dog clicker is less than $2. You can try it out and see how your dog responds before you spend money on the packs or on the training materials and tools from Karen Pryor.

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